elisa bergel melo

A solo booth featuring works by Elisa Bergel Melo. A meticulous exploration of movement, time, and the transformative dynamics encapsulated within the tautological essence of photography. Her astute engagement with the symbiotic relationship between reality and memory manifests in each of the artworks presented at the fair.

Through her work, Bergel Melo navigates the profound intricacies of being an immigrant, unraveling the emotional dichotomy inherent in the diasporic journey. The liminal space between the familiar and the foreign becomes the fertile ground upon which her lens captures the subtle, yet substantial, nuances of displacement, encouraging us to think about what it feels like to be disconnected from our birth home and searching for identity in a new place.

Bergel Melo's exploration transcends the confines of mere documentation, emerging as an enlightening inquiry into the existential dimensions of the immigrant experience.

-curated by homework.

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